What makes a man pray, when he's about to die?

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Vampire - Someone offers you a chance at immortality. Do you take it, and why or why not?
There was a time when I was mourning over the fact that a human life can only last 80 years, give or take. If I can take my boyfriend with me, yes. One life is too short to do all the things and see all the things that I’d like to do, and I’d want to offer him the same chance. But if I can’t take him with me, if I’m not allowed, or if he refuses, then no. I don’t want to spend aeons of lifetimes without him. And I’m okay with both.

Werewolf - If you had to spend your life with just one person, who would it be?
My boyfriend.

Witch - If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
No humans. Yeah. I’d get rid of the humans XD
Thank you!

agreeing on the humans



I have posters. 


°˖ ✧◝some of them have already been in use psshhh◜✧˖ °

Well, throwing them away is a waste, right? XD So I decided to do a giveaway, and I’m hoping for them to find a new home :) 

Posters include: Lauri Ylönen/The Rasmus, Dir En Grey, Jared Leto/30 Seconds To Mars, Apocalyptica, HIM, My Chemical Romance, Cinema Bizarre, Lovex, Black Veil Brides, and Project Pitchfork.


 Must be follwing me and him (I will check!)

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 I’ll ship internationally so if you live on the moon, you are fucked.

 make sure your ask box is hungry

 giveaway ends on the 22nd November 8pm CET

 winner will be chosen by random.org

 don’t delete this text, man.

depending on where you live (we know this world is a tough place) I’ll be also adding a kinderegg or some other German candy to the package :)

GOOD LUCK !! (๑>ᴗ<๑)







I need to kiss you again.

Most days, I am dripping dust, I am breathing in grey, with spider webs between my dry lips, with cracks on each opaque window I am gazing through; and my feet are buried in slivers and feathers, pearls and bones, fragments of memories and the ashes of time - and I want to search for all these moments I had here with you, and inhale them, kiss them, get drunk on them; and dream you a seven lined poem about how many people’s lives would be brighter if they had known you, if they only knew you.

You are made of galaxies, darling, inspiring and exquisite. Your stories are worlds I feel alive in, your mind the only place I can escape into without losing myself completely. I don’t have much, I never wanted to have much, but you, you are all I need, and I often wonder what I have done right in my life to deserve you.

Please, let me bury my breaths between your neck and collarbones, and let my whispers get lost in your hair, telling you how your the curves of your smile turn my deepest demons into dust, my winterthoughts to springlight. You let me be the ground you are standing on, you grab my my hands as your walls, and I want to kiss you wings, I want my arms to be the roots you can always return to.

Trace my veins, let them guide you home.


I really, really enjoy walking dogs from the animal shelter.


hannibal lecter + alcohol


Keep gimp away from me.
And serve me coffee.


Keep gimp away from me.

And serve me coffee.

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Friendly reminder that once ago, I tried to look manly.

I only reached the gay Jesus level. 

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